Education is a structural process enabling every child to imbibe values as they acquire knowledge in a disciplined framework of school.  Academic excellence along with behavioural development is the very aim of Sacred Heart School, Kayyunni.

Apart from imparting information the pivotal role of education lies in shaping personality of every child, on the basis of strong plinth of values.  Therefore education should make a difference in the lives of many.  Sacred Heart School lays stress to the very moulding of every pupil into a valuable person.

The present educational system encounters  different challenges.  Only a man with values can fight with them and win over in the life.  Man without values will be dejected in this fight.  Sacred Heart School concentrates on this aspect, and renders stress to knowledge and values equally.  The entire staff and management commit themselves wholeheartedly to this vision: to equip the students live out their values in the contemporary society.  The myriad ways of Sacred Heart School system tries its level best to achieve this envisioned end.





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