1. The minimum age for admission to LKG is three years.
  2. When a child is admitted to the 1st standard, he should complete five years on or before the 31st of July.
  3. Application for admission must be made in the prescribed form duly signed by the parent along with the original Birth certificate.     All preliminary fees must be paid at the time of admission.
  4. Students coming from other schools maybe admitted with the T.C. of the school last studied, together with the application.
  5. If pupils is withdrawn or admitted in the middle of a term he/she has to pay the fees of the whole term.
  6. Principal reserves the right to reject any application for admission without assigning reasons thereof.



  1. Personal cleanliness as well as respectful behavior towards, staff, visitors and fellow Students is expected at all time.
  2. It is forbidden to write or scribble or splash in on the school or compound wall or in any way disfigure or damage school property.  Severe action will be taken against pupils not adhering to the rule.  The cost of repairs or replacements will be borne by the parents concerned with penalty charges.
  3. The school will not be held responsible for the loss of money, umbrellas, books, stationery, Tiffin boxes etc.   These bear the names of the student.
  4. Students should be regular and punctual to the classes and to reach the school before 9.15 am Students are asked to avoid latecoming.
  5. Students should maintain strict silence in the premises of laboratory, school office, and toilets.
  6. As English is the medium of instruction students are expected to speak English at all times, in the premises and inside the school buses.
  7. A student who is irregular in attendance, disobedient, habitually negligent in studies, bullying other students, cheating in examinations, vulgar in speech or conduct, destroying the school equipment or any damage in the school campus, is liable to expulsion.
  8. Engaging in activities such as stealing, cheating, smoking, usage of drugs or any other practices which would affect the good will of the institution will be dealt with severely and will lead to suspension/dismissal of the pupil from the school. Recommendation to reinstate the student will not be entertained.
  9. The Principal is empowered to eliminate any student if found to be indulging in any activity that would affect the good will of the institution.
  10. Children are forbidden from bringing costly articles to school.
  11. Students up to Vth standard are not allowed to wear wrist watch and the students above std Vth are allowed to wear only simple       watches.
  12. No present or any remuneration to the staff is allowed without the previous consent of the principal, and collection , for any purpose whatsoever, requires the principal’s sanction.
  13. No Books, periodicals or newspapers of objectionable nature shall be brought to school.
  14. Parcels and letters addressed to the students will be scrutinized before handling over to the students.
  15. No student is allowed to leave the school compound, during the school hours without the permission of the Principal.
  16. The schools hours are from 8.45 am to 4.30 pm those who come earlier are expected to sit in their own class rooms and study.
  17. When a teacher enters a class, all the students should stand up and wish, they must take their seats only with the permission of the teacher likewise they should stand up when the teacher leaves the class.
  18. Every class session should begin with the opening prayer by the students and the staff in the class, and the school disperses with the “National Anthem”.
  19. In the absence to the teacher, the class leader assumes responsibility for the order and discipline of the class.
  20. All should remain silent and study till the teacher comes to the class after each period.
  21. No late comer will be allowed to enter the class without a note from the parents and they are liable to lose the attendance.
  22. Pupils are not allowed to enter into other class rooms during the intervals.
  23. Every pupil should greet one another and the members of the staff whenever they meet.
  24. When students move along the corridors, staircases or roads keep right is the accepted rule.  In order to avoid any accident, it is    prohibited to run through the Verandas and the staircases.
  25. When students go for the assembly or drill, changing the class rooms or moving to labs, they must keep silence and walk in a single line binding the hands at the back.
  26. Regular attendance is compulsory and produce a leave letter whenever absent.
  27. Doing daily homework’s and class work are the duty of the pupil and failure to do so may lead to disciplinary action.
  28. During drill periods, the students have to stop the play five minutes before the bell and reach the class room two minutes before bell
  29. In the evening when return from school to home keep this rule: The first trip students may go first; after the departure of the first vehicles, the walking students may go in a single line and walk on the right hand side of the road, till they reach home; all the other students have to sit down in the class rooms, and do their home works or study till 4:30PM
  30. For all the entries made in the diaries intended for parents, a student must obtain his/her parents acknowledgement by signature.
  31. In all the correspondence with the school authority, care should be taken to mention the name of the student, standard and division in which the students is enrolled
  32. No pupil will be called to answer phone calls during class hours.


  1. Regular attendance at school is a  pre-requisite for the  (a) good progress in study. Hence parents should see that the students do            not absent themselves from the school centres, unless there is a            genuine necessity.
  2. Leave of absence for any reason other than illness requires a leave note signed by the parents in the school  diary and should be submitted to the principal and sanction shall   be obtained on    the previous day itself. The same will be granted only if the reason for the leave is genuine.
  3. In the events of unforeseen circumstances, the pupil must have an application for leave, certified by his/her parents, and should be submitted to the class teacher.
  4. Without leave application in the diary, students will not be allowed to get inside the class.
  5. If one wants to get leave in the afternoon, he/she has to submit the leave application certified by the parents in the morning before taking the attendance.
  6. After the class if anybody wants to go anywhere else other than his own home, he/she has to submit the consent letter of his/her own parents to the Principal.
  7. Absence for more than two periods will be treated as absence for one full day.
  8. In case of long absence, the parents have to accompany the pupil to the school to explain the reasons for the long leave.
  9. Only after recovery from communicable diseases students shall attend the class. On submitting medical certificate stating that isolation is not required anymore, he/she shall be allowed to the class.


  1. School fee has to be paid for all the 12 months for all the section of students.
  2. School fee may be paid by term basis An academic year consists of 3 terms. They are

    1st term – June to September
    2nd term – October to January
    3rd term – February to May

  3. Vehicle fees are to be paid only for eleven months for all the sections of the students and they are to be paid on or before 10th of each month.
  4. Those who fail to pay vehicle fee in time shall not be allowed to travel by the school vehicles
  5. The payments include the month of May also.
  6. No reduction or allowance in fees is made for absence or vacations.
  7. When the students come with fees, they have to straightly to the office and remit the fees then only they should go to the class if they don’t get time to remit the fees before the morning prayers, they have to remit the fee during the first interval time itself. Thereafter fees may not be accepted from the student on that day.
  8. Before starting of term examinations school fees and  over dues if any should be remitted.


  1. The marks obtained in all the tests and examinations will be taken into account for promotion.
  2. If a student is found copying in the examinations, he/she will be suspended for 7 days. Zero will be marked in the progress card   for the copied subject.
  3. No leave will be granted during examination day unless he/she is ill, no re-examination will be held for anyone who is absent for an exam.
  4. After each test and examination the valued answer scripts are to be signed by the parents.
  5. The progress card after each term examination will be issued to the students to get the signature of the parents, and it should be returned on the following day.
  6. The parents have to come to the school after each terminal examination to sign the progress report on the dates fixed by the school.
  7. Only those who pass in the Plus One examination will be promoted to Plus Two. Promotion will be given according to the rules sanctioned by the Govt. Authorities.
  8. No appeal will be entertained after the publication of the result.


School bus facility is provided from all prominent places like Pandalur, Vaduvanchal, Ambalavayal, Sulthan Bathery, Ayyankolly Mukku (Mannathivayal), Vettuvadi, Pananchira. Manalvayal etc. Our School runs four buses with experienced drivers to commute students and staff to and fro. Students who need to use school bus facility may fill up the printed application form supplied by school. Transport facility will be available only on common working days and those who are coming by the school bus will not be allowed to discontinue between the academic year.

  1. Refined behaviour is expected in the school bus. Misbehaviour of any sort will be seriously dealt with.
  2. It is compulsory for everyone to speak English in the bus.
  3. While boarding students must be in queue and show special consideration for younger and weaker ones.
  4. It is the property of the school and only the students of Sacred Heart Matr. Hr. Sec. School are allowed to travel by the same.
  5. Students who are in need to use the conveyance should fill up an application.
  6. The school Bus will play only on common working days of the school. Vehicle fee should be paid for eleven months a year.
  7. Children should be ready at least five minutes before the informed time at their own respective bus stop. Please note that the bus will not wait for the arrival of the late comers.
  8. The names of the students, who are disobeying the rules and misbehaving in the bus, will be struck off from the bus list.


Our school has all sorts of sporting facilities like newly constructed Basket Ball Court, Volley Ball, Foot Ball, Shuttle and other Indoor Game facilities. Summer camps are provided with experienced professionals. During PET periods, students have to wear PET uniform. LIBRARY

  1. All students are members of the school Library.
  2. Books will be issued once in a week to the students.
  3. While borrowing a book, if there is any defect, it should be     brought to the notice of the person in charge of the Library.
  4. Book should be returned in a good condition. Books lost or any damage caused to the book, will be duly recovered of cost from parents of the borrower.
  5. Students are advised not to borrow school Library books among themselves.
  6. The borrowed period of a book should not exceed more than two weeks without permission.
  7. If the students exceeds the time limit, he/she will have to pay a fine of one rupee per day for the delay.
  8. No reference book will be given to home.
  9. After returning the Library book, the next book will be issued.
  10. Students should note, the name of the book, author, date of reading, important points and the moral of the book they read in the diary.

“Silence should be maintained while going to the Library, in the Library and while going back to the class.” IMPORTANT NOTE TO PARENTS

  1. Parents are welcome to meet the class teachers to discuss their ward’s character and development during interval and leisure periods in a specified day with the permission of the principal.
  2. Parents co-operation is solicited in all matters concerning the progress and development of the student and co-operate with            school authorities in enforcing regularity and discipline.
  3. Parents are not allowed to visit their ward or interview teachers without the permission of the principal.
  4. For obtaining T.C., parents should submit a written application and collect the T.C. in person only.
  5. Students those who repeatedly disobey the rules and regulations of the school, will be suspended or dismissed from the school by    the Principal.
  6. All pupils are accountable to the school authority for their behaviour inside & outside the campus. Any  objectionable behaviour outside, reported to the school authorities, shall make the pupil liable for disciplinary action.
  7. Parents are expected to sign principal’s and teacher’s remarks, report cards, answer papers whenever so requested. Failure to do so may put their children to inconvenience.
  8. Any communication (request or complaint) made by the parents should be addressed to the Principal and not to the class teacher or the office staff.
  9. Parents should go through the dairy each day and sign all the information/remarks. Use the dairy to convey your opinion to us in the prescribed pages.
  10. Only the parents will be allowed to take a student from the school during school hours.
  11. Withdrawal of the child for mere social functions is discouraged, as it would affect the child’s progress in school and minimize his/her efforts for regular hardwork.

Please Note:-

  1. From 8:45 to 9.25 in the morning and 3:45 to 4:30 in the evening, is the time allotted to clarify the personal doubts. Students can make use of the time and clear their doubts.
  2. Every month during the last period of the last week, there will be an Arts period to foster the talents of the students.
  3. There is a facility to study four languages, such as English, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi in our school.


How to Learn more, in less time

General Hints

  1. First Take up the subject you dislike the most. Once you have done this, the rest of your work will be easy.
  2. Do not hesitate to ask, your teacher or your cleverer companions, things you do not grasp clearly. Never leave difficulties unanswered, as this will put you into greater difficulties later.
  3. To make sure that you have understand something thoroughly adopt these practices.(a) Pretend that you are explaining the lesson to someone else; see if you can do this well.
    (b) Make yourself your own teacher and question yourself and             answer yourself honestly (don’t cheat yourself).
  4. Do not continue working when you are tired; walk around the garden, or talk to a friend or have some other pleasant interruption, but this interruption should only be the one enough to refresh you and not to waste your time.
  5. Get enough exercise everyday especially practice deep breathing; it keeps the mind fresh.
  6. Do not cut down on necessary sleep in order to study because you will soon realise how it will hurt you later on.
  7. Pray often to the All wise and All known God, both before and after your studies, to help you make progress in your studies.

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